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The primary method of pest, disease, and weed control for gardeners should involve implementing good cultivation practices, selecting appropriate cultivars, maintaining garden hygiene, and promoting natural enemies. Chemical controls, if necessary, should be applied sparingly and with precision.

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Ant Killer Plus Spray 750ml
Apple Maggot Trap
Apple Maggot Trap Sale price£10.99
Apple Maggot Trap Refill
Apple Maggot Trap Refill Sale price£4.99
Big Tom Tomato Feed 1L + 25% Extra Free
Sold outBig Tom Tomato Feed 1ltr
Big Tom Tomato Feed 1ltr Sale price£6.99
Cat Repellent
Cat Repellent Sale price£6.99
Sold outCitrus Feed Concentrate
Citrus Feed Concentrate Sale price£4.99
Deadfast Ant Bait Station
Deadfast Ant Bait Station Sale price£4.99
Garotta Compost Maker 3.5Kg
Greenhouse Whitefly Traps
Greenhouse Whitefly Traps Sale price£6.49
Sold outGrowing Success Slug Stop Pellet Barrier 2.25Kg
Houseplant Mist & Leaf Shine 250ml
Hydrangea Colourant 500g
Hydrangea Colourant 500g Sale price£6.99
Natural Power Bug Stop 800ml Rtu
Orchid Mist 250ml
Orchid Mist 250ml Sale price£4.99
Organic Rooting Powder
Organic Rooting Powder Sale price£5.99
Perlite 10ltr
Perlite 10ltr Sale price£10.99
Prune & Seal 250ml
Prune & Seal 250ml Sale price£12.99
Sold outResolva Bug Killer 1ltr
Resolva Bug Killer 1ltr Sale price£6.99
Resolva Bug Killer Concentrate 250ml
Sold outResolva Moss Killer 1ltr Rtu Ot
Resolva Moss Killer 3ltr Rtu
Sold outResolva Path & Drive Weedkiller 1L RTU
Resolva Path & Drive Weedkiller 3L RTU
Resolva Pro Weedkiller Xtra Tough 5ltr Power Pump
Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Super Concentrate Weedkiller 1L
Resolva Xtra Concentrate 1ltr
Resolva Xtra Ready To Use Weedkiller 1L
Slug Killer Advanced Organic
Vermiculite 10ltr
Vermiculite 10ltr Sale price£10.99
Water Saving Gel 250g
Water Saving Gel 250g Sale price£4.99
Westland Bug Guard 800ml RTU
Westland Fungus Guard 800ml RTU
Westland Hydrangea High Performance Liquid Plant Food 1L
Westland Rose Guard 800ml RTU
Westland Seaweed Enhanced Plant Food 2.5kg
Winter Tree Wash
Winter Tree Wash Sale price£9.99
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