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Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Keep your lawn in tip-top condition with our lawn seeds, weeds and feeds.

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Aftercut Patch Fix
Aftercut Patch Fix Sale price£9.99
Sold outAftercut Triple Care Box 100sqm
Sold outGro-Sure Hard Wearing Lawn Seed Box 30m2
Gro-Sure Smart Patch Repair Spreader Box
Gro-Sure Smart Seed Tough Areas 20m
Lawn Drop Spreader
Lawn Drop Spreader Sale price£36.99
Lawn Sand Bag 200m2
Lawn Sand Bag 200m2 Sale price£19.99
Moss Master Box 80sqm
Moss Master Box 80sqm Sale price£10.99
Multi Purpose Lawn Seed 10m2 + 30% extra free
Multi Purpose Lawn Seed 30m2 Plus 20% Extra Free
Multi Purpose Lawn Seed 5m2
Resolva Lawn Weedkiller 1ltr
Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra Concentrate 500ml
Smart Lawn Seed 250m2
Smart Lawn Seed 250m2 Sale price£79.99
Smart Lawn Seed 25m2
Smart Lawn Seed 25m2 Sale price£12.99
Smart Lawn Seed 40m2
Smart Lawn Seed 40m2 Sale price£17.99
Smart Lawn Seed 80m2
Smart Lawn Seed 80m2 Sale price£34.99
Westland Revive Lawn Thickener Box 250m2
Westland Revive Lawn Thickener Box 80m2
Sold outWestland Safelawn 80m2
Westland Safelawn 80m2 Sale price£9.99
Sold outWestland Safelawn Liquid 1ltr