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Plant Feeds

Plant Feeds

Give your plants and flowers the best possible chance to flourish with our range of plant feeds and fertilisers.

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Bonsai Feed Concentrate
Bonsai Feed Concentrate Sale price£4.99
Cacti & Succulent Feed Concentrate
Epsom Salts 1.5kg
Epsom Salts 1.5kg Sale price£5.99
Garden Lime 4Kg
Garden Lime 4Kg Sale price£7.99
Sold outGro-Sure 6 Month Slow Release Plant Food 1.1kg + 50% Extra Free
Growmore 1.5kg
Growmore 1.5kg Sale price£4.99
Growmore 4kg
Growmore 4kg Sale price£7.99
Houseplant Feed Concentrate
Orchid Feed Concentrate
Orchid Feed Concentrate Sale price£3.99
Organic Chicken Manure Pellets 2.25kg + 25% Extra Free
Q4 Pelleted 0.9Kg
Q4 Pelleted 0.9Kg Sale price£6.99
Sold outSoluble Plant Food 800g
Soluble Plant Food 800g Sale price£4.99
Sulphate Of Iron 1.5kg
Sulphate Of Iron 1.5kg Sale price£4.99
Sulphate Of Potash 1.5kg
Sulphate Of Potash 1.5kg Sale price£4.99
Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Food 1ltr
Sold outWestland Ericaceous Specialist Liquid Feed 1ltr
Sold outWestland Ericaeous Plant Food Granules 900g
Sold outWestland Rose Food 1kg
Westland Rose Food 1kg Sale price£5.99
Sold outWestland Rose Food 3kg
Westland Rose Food 3kg Sale price£8.99
Westland Rose Specialists Liquid Feed 1ltr
Sold outWestland Safelawn 80m2
Westland Safelawn 80m2 Sale price£9.99
Westland Safelawn Liquid 1ltr
Westland Seaweed Organic Liquid Plant Growth Stimulant 1L