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A rose can be classified as a woody perennial flowering plant belonging to the genus Rosa within the family Rosaceae, or as the blossom it produces. With more than three hundred species and tens of thousands of cultivars, roses are a diverse and popular choice in gardens worldwide.

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Kent Sale price£12.99
Polar Star Ht
Polar Star Ht Sale price£12.99
Rambling Rector RBL
Rambling Rector RBL Sale price£17.99
Sold outRhapsody In Blue
Rhapsody In Blue Sale price£12.99
Rosa Alecs Red Ht
Rosa Alecs Red Ht Sale price£12.99
Rosa Burgundy Ice Fb
Rosa Burgundy Ice Fb Sale price£12.99
Rosa Fragrant Cloud Ht
Rosa Fragrant Cloud Ht Sale price£12.99
Rosa Iceberg Fb
Rosa Iceberg Fb Sale price£13.99
Sold outRosa mme Alfred Carriere Clb
Ruby Anniversary Occ
Ruby Anniversary Occ Sale price£13.99