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The Cook's Haven

Embrace a more Mediterranean lifestyle with our outdoor kitchen and entertaining space.  We have designed this garden with all enthusiastic chefs (and barbeque wizards) in mind.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this garden are the marble worktops, providing weather-proof working space all year round.  Underneath, we have built in plenty of storage space for those barbeque utensils and gadgets, as well as the show-piece barbeque itself.  The kitchen area sits under an adjustable louvered roof so you can let the sunshine in or keep the rain out as you please.  The unusual stools allow your guests to watch while you cook.

The garden is planted with a range of herbs – from the standard bay tree to the rosemary – all within easy reach to add to your dishes.  The light chippings top dressing around the plants helps to keep moisture in and suppress weeds, ensuring you need to spend less time gardening and have more time for cooking!  Complementing the planting are the cool seagrass blue woodwork (a great colour for minimising the effects of weathering) and the hard-wearing granite paving. We’ve built in a simple seating area in one corner with subtle up/down lighting for your guests to relax before their meal and a stylish water feature to provide movement and gentle sound.

Measuring just 5 meters by 9.5, this garden creates two separate ‘living’ areas in one small but highly usable space. Take elements from this garden to create your own ‘cooks haven’ and be the envy of everyone next time you invite people over for an alfresco meal!