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A tree, in the field of botany, refers to a perennial plant that possesses a prolonged stem, commonly known as a trunk, which typically provides support to branches and leaves.

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(E) Photinia Red Robin 3L
(E) Photinia Red Robin 3L Sale price£15.99
Sold out(R) Acer Campestre 10L
(R) Acer Campestre 10L Sale price£65.99
Sold out(R) Acer Plat. Crimson Sentry 15L
(D) Acer x Freemanii Autumn Blaze 12ltr
(CL) Acer Palm Diss Green Lace 1/2 Std 50/60 Clt 5ltr
(R) Crataegus Rosea Plena 10L
(R) Acer Plat. Drummondii 15L