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Keep you borders looking their best with our complete range of hosepipes and accessories.

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Flopro Monsoon Oscillating Sprinkler
Flopro Double Male Connector
Flopro Pressure Sprayer 2ltr
Flopro Perfect Fit Outdoor Tap Connector
Flopro Supergrip Waterstop Spray Gun Connector
Flopro Supergrip Hose Connector Starter Kit
'Y' Connector
'Y' Connector Sale price£6.49
Flopro Soaker Hose 15m
Flopro Soaker Hose 15m Sale price£29.99
Flopro Supergrip Hose Repairer
Flopro Ergo Spray Gun
Flopro Ergo Spray Gun Sale price£14.99
Flopro Cascade Oscillating Sprinkler
Flopro Typhoon Rotating Sprinkler
Flopro Multiflo 360 Sprinkler
Flopro Threaded Mixer Tap Connector
Flopro Double Tap Connector
Flopro Double Tap Connector Sale price£19.99
Flopro Hose 50m
Flopro Hose 50m Sale price£59.99
Flopro Compactflo Expandable Hose Set 15m