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A shrub, also known as a bush, is a perennial woody plant that is typically small to medium in size. Unlike herbaceous plants, shrubs have woody stems that remain above the ground throughout the year.

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Sold out(E) Ceanothus Concha 20L
(E) Ceanothus Concha 20L Sale price£69.99
(E) Phyllostachus Aureasulcata Aureocalis 250-300cm
(E) Phyllostachus Nigra
(E) Phyllostachus Nigra Sale price£139.99
(E) Zantedeschia 3ltr
(E) Zantedeschia 3ltr Sale price£17.99
(M) Acer Palm. Shaina 7ltr
(M) Acer Palm. Shaina 7ltr Sale price£83.99
Sold out(M) Acer Shir. Aureum 7ltr
(M) Acer Shir. Aureum 7ltr Sale price£83.99
(M) Ceanothus Blue Mound 2L
(M) Ceanothus Blue Mound 2L Sale price£10.99
(M) Choisya Sundance 3ltr
(M) Choisya Sundance 3ltr Sale price£11.99
(M) Hydrangea Blue Wave 3ltr
(M) Osmanthus Burkwoodii 3ltr
(M) Sambucus Black Lace 3ltr
(MG) Cornus Alba 'Sibirica' 3ltr
(PY) Acer Palm. Skeeters Broom 7ltr
(PY) Acer Palmatum Dissectum Garnet 35L
Sold outAbelia Grandiflora 3ltr
Abelia Grandiflora 3ltr Sale price£9.49
Sold outCistus Corbariensis 3ltr
Cistus Corbariensis 3ltr Sale price£8.99
Cotinus Royal Purple 2/3ltr
Cotinus Royal Purple 2/3ltr Sale price£11.99
Cotoneaster Watereri 2ltr
Cotoneaster Watereri 2ltr Sale price£4.49
Fatsia Japonica Spiderweb 7.5ltr
Laurus Nobilis Bush 200/250 Clt18
Shrubs Mix P11 Sale price£4.99