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Cistus Corbariensis 3ltr

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Cistus × hybridus or Cistus corbariensis is more commonly known as the Rock Rose, for its open, white rose-shaped flowers. Originating in southern Europe, this pretty evergreen shrub is bushy in nature and will grow well in border or large pots. It is medium-speed growing, reaching its maximum height and spread of around 1 metre, if given the space and conditions, in up to 5 years. It will prefer full sun and moderately fertile but well-drained soil. Although it is hardy in the UK (to about minus 10 degrees) it will be happier if protected from harsh winds. This Cistus is fairly low maintenance. After flowering, pinch out young stems to encourage its bushy habit and lightly cut back any stems for shape. Sold as an established 3 litre specimen, please plant as soon as possible after purchase.

3ltr pot.