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Abelia Grandiflora 3ltr

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Abelia x grandiflora, the ‘glossy abelia’, is a medium-sized, semi-evergreen shrub which bears small glossy, oval leaves and clusters of pale pink, slightly fragrant flowers on its bushy, arching branches. It has a long flowering period, from mid-summer to the first frosts. It suits beds and borders in any garden but, for its medium size, works well in smaller or courtyard gardens.
It is relatively slow-growing, so is low maintenance, but can reach heights/widths of 4 metres, if given the space. It has good drought resistance and is hardy in the south of England, although it will prefer a sunny spot, east or south facing if possible, and sheltered from the worst winter weather. It will grow in any moist but well-drained soil. Lightly prune for shape as appropriate but it may benefit from a hard prune every third or fourth year to reinvigorate new growth.
Abelia x grandiflora are not generally affected by pests but may be affected by honey fungus if you already have it in your garden.

3ltr pot.