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Tom Chambers have years of experience of creating and blending quality food for garden birds and crafted traditional nest boxes.

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Scrummy Sunflower Hearts 2 Kg + 25% Extra FreeScrummy Sunflower Hearts 2 Kg + 25% Extra Free
Snuggler Nest Box
Snuggler Nest Box Sale price£8.99
Nyjer Nibbles 2Kg
Nyjer Nibbles 2Kg Sale price£7.99
Nice Nuts 2Kg
Nice Nuts 2Kg Sale price£12.99
Curved Bracket Leaf 15cm
Curved Bracket Leaf 15cm Sale price£5.99
Pewter Flick 'n' Click Seed Feeder - 4 Port
Pewter Flick 'n' Click Sunflower Hearts Feeder
Pewter Flick 'N' Click Peanut Feeder
Squirrel Baffle
Squirrel Baffle Sale price£24.99
Heavy Duty Flick 'n' Click Fat Ball Feeder
Flick 'N' Click 4 Port Seed Feeder
Hanging Tray
Hanging Tray Sale price£9.99
Dovesdale BirdtableDovesdale Birdtable
Dovesdale Birdtable Sale price£139.99
Bird Gazebo BirdtableBird Gazebo Birdtable
Bird Gazebo Birdtable Sale price£104.99
Bedale Birdtable
Bedale Birdtable Sale price£124.99
Baby Bedale Birdtable
Baby Bedale Birdtable Sale price£89.99