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Squirrel Baffle

Sale price£24.99

The Tom Chambers Squirrel Baffle is designed for protect you bird feeders from squirrels. It is a clear baffle with a decorative design which is made from strong, weatherproof PVC. Complete with the following adaptors -

  • 10mm adaptor with hook and cable - to hang a feeder.
  • 20mm adaptor - Everyday feeding station or any 20mm pole.
  • 25mm adaptor - Classic feeding station or any 25mm pole.
  • 32mm main collar Prestige Bird Station or any other 32mm pole.

It can easily be attached to the feeding station pole. and a worthwhile investment for your garden birds.

Dimensions: H 140 x W 400 x D 400mm

Squirrel Baffle
Squirrel Baffle Sale price£24.99