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Apple Sunset Frame 15ltr

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Sunset apple is a garden apple that produces a high yield of fruit. It has a compact and upright growth habit, with beautiful pale pink flowers that bloom in March. The fruit is small and round to ovate, with a golden-yellow and green color, adorned with red and orange striping. The flesh of the apple is white to ivory, and it has a crisp, firm, and fine-grained texture, sometimes with a hint of green. The flavor of the Sunset apple is sweet, sharp, and aromatic.

This apple variety, known as Sunset, was developed around 1918 by G. C. Addy in Ightham, Kent. One of its parent varieties is the Cox's Orange Pippin Apple. Sunset apple was specifically bred to be similar to Cox's Orange Pippin but easier to cultivate. It is highly resilient and generally free from diseases. It can withstand cold temperatures and frost, making it suitable for cultivation in northern parts of Europe. Additionally, Sunset apple is self-fertile and does not require a pollinating partner.

Despite its excellent qualities, Sunset apple is not commercially grown due to its small size. However, it is highly regarded for its crispy and juicy texture, making it ideal for both eating and cooking purposes. Even when cooked, Sunset apples retain their shape.
Apple Sunset Frame 15ltr
Apple Sunset Frame 15ltr Sale price£89.99