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Big Tom Tomato Feed 1ltr

Sale price£6.99

Westland Big Tom Super Tomato Food is enriched with essential nutrients that are easily absorbed for increased yields and tastier tomatoes. Big Tom contains a wetting agent for perfect water management and better nutrient uptake, magnesium and iron for healthier plants and high Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium for best growing results. Tomatoes are 20% bigger, with 24% more vitamin C and 16% more fruits.

  • 3x More*, Bigger, Healthier & Tastier Tomatoes (*By Weight)
  • Packed with extra strength nutrients for a bigger yield
  • Juicy more tasty tomatoes
  • Seaweed enriched along with Magnesium and Iron to support plant health
  • Easier & faster to water with minimal surface run odd & no waste
Big Tom Tomato Feed 1ltr
Big Tom Tomato Feed 1ltr Sale price£6.99